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I partnered with commercial real estate broker, David Skinner, to build his personal brand as a market leader and expert in the Boston area.

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David knew he wanted to create educational content to help people succeed in commercial real estate. We worked together on a strategy to to further flesh out this concept.

Together, we decided that David needed a branded platform for connecting with people on all sides of the commercial real estate transaction. This platform would provide users with helpful training videos about every piece of the real estate buying process. David would send out new videos to his current email list, and use the training platform to connect with new faces.

Brand Design

After landing on the name, The CRE Coach, I began developing a brand based, not just on what The CRE Coach does, but the values at its core. That meant building David a website that is easy to navigate, provides clear and actionable information, and is transparent and honest.

Digital Design and Tools

I built on an easy to use platform that enabled David to easily manage adding content and making text changes on his own if needed. With the goal of growing his email list, I created a user flow that would encourage users to signup.

The strategy was simple. On the home page, users are presented with a general introduction to what The CRE Coach is and immediately presented with video content. Each video has a landing page where users can watch, or read the script, and download any available worksheets that go along with the video. To drive more signups, users are required to sign up in order to access downloads.

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Website Design for The CRE Coach, built on Webflow.
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“Gabriel is both the consummate professional and creative. In the numerous projects we have done together, he is observant not only of the message I want to communicate with each brand we have worked on together, but also the way in which I communicate. Many design firms have a rigid set of operational procedures that may or may not work well for their clients, but Gabriel is adaptable and finds what methods work best for me and adjusts accordingly. This makes my life and job much simpler and creates a partnership relationship rather than a sterile client / vendor relationship.

He has never missed a deadline and remained exceptionally flexible when schedules had to change because of shifts in my business. He is also very willing to communicate directly with vendors who deal with other media types to integrate the process so that I am not going back-and-forth between.

I highly recommend working with Gabriel on any web, graphic design, branding, typesetting project because of both the quality of the work and the ease of the relationship.”

David Skinner

The CRE Coach