Sam Boot

Bringing people together through the music of an emerging DJ


Visual Identity


Brand Strategy



I worked with DJ Sam Boot to design a brand where people would feel welcomed and want to be a part of a fun and energetic community.


In early conversations, it became clear that Sam’s strength is his ability to connect with fans on a personal level. We realized that people connect with each other when they feel welcomed and valued, so we built a brand that embraces humility and inclusivity in every interaction.

Brand Design

I designed a logo and supporting visual elements to support this core idea of humility and inclusivity.  I explored various options, using a stark black and white primary pallet, and simple shapes joined with type.

What we landed on was a flexible identity system leveraging the idea of remixed sound samples. I created one primary logo, but also several “remixes” of the logo,  using the same core elements.

Digital Design and Tools

Primary Mark

Logo Remixes

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Color Pallette

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