I help you understand and solve business problems with effective design solutions.

I've spent the last ten years working in both creative and strategic capacities in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota. I’m passionate about seeing brands form meaningful and lasting connections with the people they serve.

Have you ever come across a business that lacks the ability to connect others to the heart of their brand? Do their online platforms feel confusing, intimidating, rigid, or lifeless? When you work with me, you’ll get the furthest thing from that. I'll combine effective solutions with beautiful design to create an experience for your audience that will build strong and lasting connections.

My Tools, Services, and Technologies





Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

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How I Work

01. Collaboration

As an independent graphic designer, I have the opportunity to collaborate with a cross-functional team of experts in various aspects of the design experience (copy writers, video, animation, photographers, product, etc.) on an as-needed basis.

This means I have more flexibility to provide the right creative resources at the right time, and you only pay for the services you really need.

02. Iteration

Design is iterative. There’s always room to learn and grow. The landscape of your business is always changing and developing. I help you innovate with your communication and design just like you do with the rest of your business.

03. Problem Solving

The first task in any design project is to discover what the real problem is. Many times businesses want a new logo, but don’t have a problem they want to solve with this new logo. Other times, the problem is actually a symptom of a deeper root problem. I help you define the real problem before moving on to designing a solution.

04. Creativity

Problems are best solved creatively. Creativity is the exercise of allowing our minds to stray from the straightforward or obvious answers and entertain outlandish or unexpected answers. Creativity is what sets an entity apart from others. It makes for a unique and special answer to a common problem. And often times, it provides a superior solution.